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Marini Construction provides new construction and repair of driveways and parking. From start to competition, our goal is 100% satisfaction. We offer cost-effective work that will stay within your budget and exceed your expectations. Our projects range from driveways, walkways, parking lots to solid foundations. Please give us a call for your free in-home consultation today and see why our clients refer friends and family.

Construction Services

South Shore driveays installation, Weymouth, MA

Driveways & Parking Lots

We offer durable low maintenance gravel, asphalt and concrete driveway options. Whether its grading, driveway repair or a new installation we have you covered. Contact us if you have any questions relating to the construction of your New Patio or Driveway.

Marini Construction is always willing to advise on the best plans for your new or existing asphalt and concrete project.

South Shore foundation builder Norwell, MA

Foundations & Masonry

We take pride in constructing a concrete foundation that will last for years. A perfect level and square foundation is the most important piece of any home or business. Marini construction will build your foundation according to specs or prepare your specs according to your ideas.

Masonry construction has been used for centuries for durability. Facing your home or chimney or a pleasing look for a driveway. We have the experience and knowhow and offer complete satisfaction.

South Shore excavation Weymouth, MA

Grading & Excavation

Excavation and grading construction company in South Shore! Residential and commercial lots, excavating, grading, compaction, trenching and demolition. We have our own equipment that will keep our cost down, in turn we provide a cost-effective solution with our guarantee.

Take a look at some of our projects Projects

Dan Marini was very responsive considering it was after midnight when I called. Had a water leak and they instructed me on shutting off the main water supply. Dan came by at 6am and took care of the leak.

Nancy C. Marshfield, MA

Construction Projects

  • residential siding quincy, ma

    Home renovations for the South Shore. Wood or vinyl siding and additions.

    Kitchen Remodel

  • windows doors installation weymouth

    Installation of energy efficient windows and doors in the South Shore

    Windows Doors

  • landscape construction hanover, ma

    Home additions, landscape and hardscape design and construction

    Home Additions

  • decks and gazebos in weymouth, ma

    High quality wood and composit decks and gazebos in South Shore, MA

    Decks Gazebos